Stitches in Time

A SoRiku Fashion Zine! Through the power of love and passion, we aim to produce a zine featuring a plethora of illustrations of the characters in period clothing, as well as an overarching story to follow along in a fun immersive time travel scenario!

We're a digital zine planning to split our revenue between profit and a charity (to be decided during produciton). Please follow us on social media for more updates, and thank you so much for your continued interest.~

Moderators List

Below is a list of our moderators~ We are so thrilled to make this zine a reality and bring our incredible writers and artists to the forefront! We look forward to working with you!^^

Mod Cat:
Head Mod/Coordinator/Social Media

Pronouns: He/She/They

"I'm thrilled to help create an opportunity for artists and writers to spotlight their work through a ship we are so passionate about<3 I can't wait to work with you all! :3"

Mod Laith:
Head Mod/Coordinator/Printing

Pronouns: He/She/They

"Super excited to work on a fun, fashionable, SoRiku project! Lets get these boys into some funky fits!"

Mod Avi:
Artist Mod
/Graphics Mod/Social Media


"I'm excited to be a part of something where it is my job to drown you in pretty clothes."

Mod Noct:
Social Media/Merch Mod/Finance Mod


"I'm happy to finally get to be a part of something soriku! Plus I'm also just super happy to help and be here in general!"

Mod Gummi
Writer Mod/Graphics Mod/Formatting Mod


"Happy to be part of some Soriku fun! These boys got me back into writing so I'm here to share the love!"

Mod Louise
Art Mod/Writer Mod/Server Mod


"Soriku is my comfort ship and I'm extremely excited to give other fans the opportunity to let their love for it shine, especially in such a fun way!"



Noë (Writer)followyourwaytodawn
Steph (Writer)greeneggs101
Faux (Artist)TheFauxsynder
Dan (Artist)DekkiiDan
Neko (Artist)KamikazeWorld
Loxli (Artist)Robin_of_Loxli
Fuji (Artist)kowafuji
Lucian (Artist/Merch)Somnus__SD





Tentative Schedule

Below is our tentative schedule as a rough estimate of what production will look like, even if the dates change during the course of production. We realize that things are very chaotic outside of fandom right now, and will be for months to come. As such, this schedule is subject to change no matter what, and will allow as much time as possible between check ins for contributors to complete their pieces between their busy schedules offline.

  • April 15th-30th: Interest Check

  • May 1st-15th: Moderator’s Workshop (we’re finalizing plans, inviting guests, building the server, and creating promo material behind the scenes~)

  • May 15th: Guest Artists and Writers announced!

  • May 15th-June 25th: Contributor Applications open!

  • July 1st-7th: Contributors chosen and contacted

  • July 7th-14th: Contributors check into the discord server.

  • July 14th-28th: Brainstorming period for contributors

  • July 29th-31st: Idea Pitches Due

  • August 4th: Mods approve and greenlight pitches for production

  • September 1st-4th: Check in 1

  • October 1st-4th: Check in 2 (Contributors have until this period to change their contribution theme if they need to. After this point, they must be locked into this)

  • November 1st-4th: Check in 3

  • December 1st-4th: (EXTRA CHECK IN!).

  • January 1-7th: Final Check in

  • Your piece MUST be 100% complete by January 7th. (We have built in a small time cushion for you to finalize/fix any MINOR glaring issues between this check in and the formatting of the zine, but your piece itself must otherwise be completely finished by this date).

  • January 1st-7th: Zine formatting and finalization

  • Late January-February (exact dates TBD based on people’s needs): Pre-orders open.


Will gender nonconforming fashion be allowed?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome and encourage any way you wish to present the characters.<3

Is there an age requirement?

There will be an age requirement of 18+ to participate in the creation of this zine.

What cultures are allowed in the zine?

Any fashion style from anywhere is welcome, so long as you are not doing anything offensive, insensitive, inappropriate or culturally appropriative with it. We ask that contributors please be considerate and respectful of people’s cultures, especially if they are not your own. (Out of respect for this rule, religious wear will be off limits.)
If any content is deemed offensive, contributors will be asked to change it immediately. Understand as well that any malicious intent to create bigoted/offensive content will result in immediate expulsion.

Will the zine be sfw?

The zine will be sfw only. While some revealing clothing will be allowed, we ask that you do not put the characters in any sexual content for this project.

Will there be an overarching plot?

Yes, there will be a simple overarching plot, designed to create a simple through-line while granting writers as much creative freedom as possible to write their short stories. So long as writers mind the frame story, and keep our themes in mind, they are free to write Sora and Riku exploring any situation. :)

Will this zine have a no harassment policy?
Yes, strictly. We will not condone any harassment, direct or indirect, of any kind toward our contributors or followers. Anyone participating in cruel behavior will be expelled from the zine immediately and blocked by our accounts.

Will there be physical merch/zine copies available?
As of right now, we are only officially a digital zine, with digital merch. However, with enough mods on board, this is subject to change, and we'll be thrilled if it does.~ Regardless of that, we are determined to ensure contributors will be able to purchase a physical copy of the zine. :3

Is this zine for charity or profit?
This decision took much deliberation among mods, but we have finally settled on doing a split between profit and charity. The charity will be determined by the mods and contributors within the server and announced at a later date.